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Who We Are

Natimuk – pop ~500
Natimuk is a small rural community located in the grain belt of western Victoria, Australia. From the traditional community of farmers to the more recent arrivals of climbers and artists and just about everyone in between, the diverse local population has a history of coming together to achieve grand community projects. This can be seen in the Verj community space, the biennale Natimuk Frinj Festival and the Agricultural and Pastoral Society’s Annual Show. Natimuk has a history of early adoption of alternative energy going back to a large proportion of houses with solar hot water in the 1990’s and previous bulk-buy programs for household solar PV systems in the early 2000’s, resulting in approximately 30% of houses in town currently using solar power.

Bales of wool off to market circa 1948

Bales of wool off to market – circa 1948

Natimuk Community Energy (NCE) is a group of enthusiastic and motivated local Natimuk residents working to bring more renewable energy into town. Our group has members from across the spectrum of Natimuk locals with a varied background of skills, interests, ages, and talents to bring to the table to drive our energy projects forward. We welcome and encourage participation in NCE projects from anyone in the community at whatever level of commitment they choose.

Natimuk Café

Natimuk Frinj Festival Photo:Melissa Powell

Mission Statement

Natimuk Community Energy aims to be a leader of community-generated energy in Western Victoria. We will endeavour to establish workable and shareable community energy systems for small regional towns, and aim to be 100% renewable by 2030.




Natimuk Community Energy registered as an Incorporated Association in June 2017 and adopted the Model Rules of governance. This structure assures that Natimuk Community Energy, Inc will operate in a not-for-profit manner. A separate legal entity may be necessary for projects with investors or commercial involvement. We are currently working on a business case that will direct our future choices of business and financial structure for our initial energy project.

The current N-CORE! project is being run under the auspice of the Natimuk A&P Society with a 5-person project reference group and project coordinator, accountable to the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP).

Natimuk Café

Natimuk Café



100% Renewable

We are incorporating ideas and methods, proven either locally or internationally, to lead our transition to 100% renewable power for our town.

Z-Net Actions: A Least Cost Approach


Our Partners

In addition to the generous contribution of time and effort by our community members toward the various community initiatives, we have been supported financially and otherwise by the following organisations:

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